1 Pack Automatic Motion Sensor Closet Light

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(NOTE: This item is available in the United State, Germany, Italy and The United Kingdom. For other countries, it may take about 15-20 days shipping from China.)

  • Natural light: 20cm, 90 lumens. With 24 LED light beads and 6000K color temperature,80+CRI, It provides bright, gentle and flicker-free lighting, never stumble in the dark, never hurt your eyes or bother others around When its bright.
  • Two Sensor Modes: 💎Only Motion Sensor Mode, Motion will turn on the light. It will turn on automatically when it detects motion, then 18 seconds later, it will turn off automatically. 💎Motion & Light Sensor Mode: Motion will turn on the light, but only if the room is dark or dimly lit. This saves power by not turning the light on when the room is bright.
  • This light has three cycle modes: Always On Mode, Motion & Light Sensor Mode (for power saving), and Only Motion Sensor Mode.
  • Super easy to install and detach: No tools needed. The light’s built-in magnet and extra metal bars with 3M adhesive make it possible to stick the light anywhere. When you need to charge it, pull the light to detach it from the magnetic strip.
  • Super easy to use: You can charge it with any USB charger and the included micro-USB cable. The built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery is convenient and easy to use, which can support 7 hours of continuous use on a single charge without becoming dim. Say goodbye to changing batteries!